Connected Systems

We at Loba-Wakol understand that Adhesives and Finishes should not be seen separate. Connected systems means that adhesives as well as finishes are developed and tested to work in harmony with each other.

Our Connected Systems philosophy is not just product driven. We see all parts of our companies connected with each other and connected with our partners.


Research and development

We thrive to lead the market through close contact with customers, institutes, research organizations, universities and testing laboratories that gives us immediate insight into current and future demands in adhesive technology.


Technical expertise

Our team of application specialist maintains close contact to our customers and is testing each new development prior to market introduction. We stand behind our recommendations.



The latest in computer controlled processes helps in ensuring constant product quality. But quality is more than a matter of technology. It is also a matter of people. Friendliness, motivated employees, good relationships to suppliers and continuous improvement are essential elements of our Quality policy.



At Loba-Wakol the environment has a much higher status than just a seal or a certification. Every single process of our operation is thriving to protect the environment. It starts with the selection of our raw material suppliers, research and development, production, to administration. Our R&D is constantly searching for the latest technology to ensure the leadership in being environmental friendly. The results are products and services which,- our customers can be sure -  are state of the art.


Customer Service

We speak your language in all senses. Our employees are professionals. Our technical experts are part of the internal dialogue and actively work together with R&D to stay on top of the latest technology. We have a preferred partner program to involve our customers directly into the development process.

Our customer service and sales force enjoys continuous education and training.


More than just a product

We love to be engaged in a conversation about our products. Once you talk to us you also will notice that the conversation is much more than about a product. It is about you and how can we help you to add value to what you are doing. If you ask us for a recommendation you will get a straight answer. And with that answer comes the commitment that the product will work. As a company we are committed to stand behind of what we say.

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