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Technical Training

Loba-Wakol offers one of the most comprehensive selections of hands-on technical education for wood and resilient flooring professionals.

Loba-Wakol provides top-notch technical training opportunities. Technical Training Seminars provide classroom and hands-on training where attendees work directly with LOBA and WAKOL high-performance products, as well learn the evaluation of subfloor and flooring, proper substrate preparation and the newest installation techniques for wood as well as for resilient flooring.

Thus allowing them to return to the jobsite with the latest knowledge and skills necessary to increase job efficiency and maximize profits for their company in order to safeguard your commercial success in a competitive world.

Date Topic Course Details Register Location Contact
04/18/2023 - 04/19/2023 Wakol Substrate Prep & Resilient Install, April Wakol Substrate Prep & Resilient Install LOBA Wakol North America – Wadesboro, NC Contact
08/08/2023 - 08/10/2023 LOBA Wakol Connected Systems LOBA Wakol Connected Systems LOBA Wakol North America – Wadesboro, NC Contact
09/26/2023 - 09/27/2023 Wakol Substrate Prep & Underlayment Wakol Substrate Prep & Underlayment LOBA Wakol North America – Wadesboro, NC Contact
10/10/2023 - 10/12/2023 LOBA Wakol Connected Systems LOBA Wakol Connected Systems, October Loba Wakol North America Headquarters, North Carolina Contact


About Us

Loba-Wakol, LLC

Loba-Wakol, LLC based in Wadesboro, North Carolina is the North American subsidiary of German market leaders Loba   and Wakol who have partners and subsidiaries in over 40 countries throughout the world.

As a full-range provider on the American market Loba-Wakol provides solutions for its customers.

Wood and Resilient Flooring Industry

Loba and Wakol are leading suppliers for adhesives and finishes within the wood and resilient flooring industry with innovative solutions and systems from the subfloor to the finished floor. Loba-Wakol's connected systems program develops products and solutions with absolute compatibility from start to finish.

Floor manufacturing Industry

For the floor manufacturing industry Loba-Wakol provides a wide range of industrial coatings - premium industrial oils and finishes for wood, parquet, cork, PVC and other surfaces.

Upholstery and Mattresses Industry

Loba-Wakol provides a full range of INTERCOLL industrial adhesives for the upholstery and mattresses industry. Safety and efficiency due to a high-performance product range enable you to get a competitive edge.

Metal Packaging Industry

In addition, Loba-Wakol provides a full range of WAKOL Sealing Compound solutions to all industries where high quality, technological superior products and excellent service adds value.


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